Book “Matière grise” (Grey matter)

Materials / Reuse / Architecture

Third edition of this reference work dedicated to the recycling of materials in architecture.

14 essays, 13 interviews and 75 projects show the potential of reuse and the possibility of a new life for old materials retrieved from all of the building sites. In Brussels, yesterday's bricks build today’s houses. In Massachusetts, the porticos of a motorway viaduct are now part of a villa. In Saint-Denis, a mall’s unused cladding is now the outside walls of the prestigious “Académie nationale contemporaine des arts du cirque”. In Madrid, old tiles are now the roofing of an avant-garde cultural center. In Bali, hundreds of clerestory windows decorate a hotel. In Alabama, 72 000 pieces of carpet are one of the main materials used to build “La maison de Lucy”. Even the façade of the future headquarters of the counsel of Europe in Brussels is adorned with 3000 recycled windows. Reuse opens a whole new spectrum of possibilities.

“Grey matter” presents the act of building as a current issue capable of making architecture evolve, puts the architect back at the center of the material cycle and calls out to all trades in the building industry: engineers, technical inspectors, manufacturers, insurers, constructions enterprises, public and private building contractors.

And what if building started out with the reuse of existing materials by finding them a second life?

Scientific conception of the book
Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon, associated architects 

With the participation of the authors
Frédéric Anquetil & Dominique Baldé, Les Bâtisseurs d’Emmaüs - Sabine Barles - Steven Beckers - Julie Benoît & Grégoire Saurel, Bellastock - Lionel Billiet & Michael Gyoot, Rotor - Patrick Bouchain - Rony Chebib - Alexandre Doyère - Carl Enckell - Laura Foulquier - Pierre Frey - Dominique Gauzin-Müller - Olivier Greder - Stéphane Gruet - Jean-Marc Huygen - Michel Klein & Hippolyte Dumézil - Caroline Maniaque - Sébastien Marot - Bernard Marrey - Raphaël Ménard - Patrick Pérez - Gilles Perraudin - Constantin Petcou - Laure Rondeau Desroches - Nicolas Scherrier - Superuse Studios

With the projects of
Amateur Architecture Studio - Andramatin - Architecture by Colletive Terrain - Atelier d'Architecture Alain Richard - Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée - Assemble - Avatar Architettura - Bates Mais + Architects - Batmuhk & Chluntogoo - BLAF Architecten - Constructlab - Construire - DesignBuildBLUFF - Doepel Strijkers Architects - Niclas Dünnebacke - Elding Oscarson - Elemental - Alejandro Aravena - ENSA Bretagne (Studio Cyrille Hanappe) - ENSA Paris Belleville (Studio Cyrille Hanappe & Ludovic Bost with Quatorze) - Estudio Beldarrain - Exyzt - Arturo Franco - G. Studio - Matt Gagnon Studio - Gray Organschi  Architecture - John Habraken - Tsuyoshi Hayashi - Tony Hobba Architects - Peter Hübner - Jiakun Architects - Nader Khalili - Jean-Pierre Le Bail - Lendager Arkitekter - Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel - Matthew Mazzotta - Mecanoo architecten - Catie Newell - Nexus Estudio - Overtreders W & Bureau SLA - Andrew Perkins - Raum & Stefan Shankland - Raumlaborberlin - The Raw Foundation - Recetas Urbanas - Raffaello Rosselli - Rural Studio - Philippe Samyn & Partners - Snøhetta - SsD Architecture - Stantec Architecture Ltd - Stortplaats van Dromen - Studio 804 - Studio Gang Architects - Studio GGSV - Syverson Monteyne Architecture - SWAN Architects - Kieran Timberlake - TreStykker Students - V+ - Wiewiorra Hopp Schwark Architekten - ZEDfactory - 6e Continent & PEROU (Pôle d'Exploration des Ressources Urbaines)

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