The Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Created in 1988, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal is a centre for information, documentation and exhibition about urban planning and architecture in Paris and its suburbs. It is a unique place with 1800m2 of exhibitions with free access, where information concerning urban development and architectural constructions in Paris is available to everyone

Urban and architectural concepts are rich and sometimes complex; here they are shared, shown and developed through exhibitions, conferences, outdoor events, guided tours, publications, webdocs, apps and our social networks so as to give to each and everyone, from the young to the professionals, an ongoing thirst for Architecture.

As urban issues are at the heart of current debates, it is essential to present these questions in an attractive and pedagogic way, to allow citizens to be in the middle of the process of architectural and urban creations.

The main activities of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal are to exhibit Parisian architecture and urban-planning; to give visitors the most accurate documentation possible; to publish reference books on topics affecting the day-to-day life of Parisians and to provide a forum for the individuals and authorities involved in shaping the city. In order to preserve the balance of the Parisian cityscape, today’s planners must practise an urbanism centered on proximity issues involving dialogue and concerted actions.

Our key mission is to explain the “architecture” of the city, its development over the centuries, its present state and prospects for the future, as well as to present to foreign visitors the urban expertise of Paris, its architects and contractors.

Currently at the Pavillion de l’Arsenal
Paris, the metropolis and its plans

In 800 m2, the permanent exhibition at the Pavillion de l’Arsenal teaches about the past, the present and the future of the Parisian metropolis through over one thousand archive documents, photos, maps, films and a 37m2 digital scale model.

Next in October
Artists and architecture. Dimensions variables
1st floor of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal 
Free admission to all the exhibitions


Pavillon de l'Arsenal 
21 boulevard Morland 
Paris 4 
01 42 76 33 97

Opening time
Tuesday to Saturday - 10:30am to 6:30pm
Sunday - 11am to 7pm
Free admission

Metro : Sully Morland (line 7), Bastille (line 5)
Bus : 86 and 87
Vélib : n° 4009, n°4005